Comune di Chivasso 2017

Chivasso is a municipality in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Piedmont region, located about 20 kilometers northeast of Turin. Chivasso has a population of about 27.000. In a urban regeneration project, the Administration planned to install a Smart Bench Morena in the Duomo square, the heart of the historic center. The innovative design perfectly matched the old style of the square, reaching it and providing a whole host of services for citizens and tourists such as charging for smartphones, night lighting and connecting to the "smartbench" Wi-Fi hotspot people can interact with the bench functions and find information, news and events related to the Municipality of Chivasso. Meanwhile the presence and seat sensor collect the people transit in the square. The data are used by the administration to evaluate other services for citizens.

Planet Smart Square 2016/17

The initiative was born from Torino Living Lab, the Turin City project to promote, develop and test new and innovative IoT solutions in a real context. Thanks to the collaboration between Canavisia, Telecom Italia and Planet Idea, two Smart Bench Morena were installed in Risorgimento square, one near the playground and the other in the "lounge area" of Planet temporary structure. The experiment lasted about six months and saw the participation of over 30,000 people during the months of experimentation. Smart Bench detected environmental data, CO2 pollution, seat and transit . The data were sent to the TIM IoT analysis platform. In the Planet Idea press release was highlighted that all the innovations weren't vandalized and have worked perfectly during the experiment.

EXPO 2015 - Milano

Samsung-TIM Space (Pavilion n.127) - TIM has set up an outside area at EXPO Milan where the Visitors could use the Smart Bench to relax, listen to music, charge smartphones and tablets, surf the internet and receive information about TIM offers. Five Smart Benchs have been used for promotional events organized by TIM - through the user interface were shared promotions, widespread audio messages with the audio function and the artistic lighting attracted the attention of passers-by. Smart Bench was installed also in Pero telecommunications tower, in front of EXPO. All the collected data were transmitted in real time to Telecom's IoT platform to compare the peaks of access to the pavilion and to test the 4G network. 

Quadrante projects 2015 - Ivrea

QUADRANTE - Quality of Urban Air with Data Realtime Analysis for the moNitoring of Trend of Emission - had the aim of providing quality guidelines for the environment in the Ivrea City.

Four smart bench, installed in different points in the city, were used for collect data on the weather, transit and CO2 pollution. The data were sent daily to a web portal and after being properly processed and verified with a math model, they competed to provide indicators to support environmental policies. The smart bench are still installed and working, updated with the new Canavisia User Interface V. 1.02_3.